Eat Local. Eat Fresh. Eat Well.
Why we do what we do...

In this day in age of  cancer running rampant​​, childhood obesity and mental disorders its no wonder we are re-evaluating what goes into our bodies and where it comes from.

First of all, our bodies are very simple and very basic. Our sole purpose for ingesting food is to absorb necessary nutrients for bodily functions. Or have we forgotten?​ That is why we can eat an entire bag of chips and still feel hungry, sick, but still hungry. And that box of "just add water" potatoes and hydroponic lettuce ain't gonna do it either. Until you supply those much needed nutrients, your body will continue to tell you it needs more. 

Unfortunately a home-cooked meal of confinement, fecal invested chicken and ​​​​​GMO, chemically fertilized, doused in pesticides, ripened in gas tank vegetables, put more bad in than good.

Imagine if we fattened a human on corn the way a cow is fattened. We would be toxic. So what makes us think that we can eat that cow and be healthy ourselves?​​

But there is great news! Not only do clean, heirloom meats and vegetables provide​​ your body with the nourishment it so desperately needs but, you will find that you actually end up eating less of it! This phenomena is thanks to a little thing you might remember called FLAVOR. Not breaded and fried, smothered in cream, and injected with sugar..flavor...but authentic, satiating flavor. Our universal example is best understood with cheese. I can eat a block of american cheese, melt it and maybe two. But sprinkle a little sharp cheddar on a baked potato and I'm good. The same goes for our pork chops. Four ounces of rich, dense, juicy meat is satisfying.

​Flavor = Satisfaction - Quantity

How to do it...

Here at High Land Hills we eat from our farm. And no I do not have time to spend all day in the kitchen. With some simple guidelines it is entirely possible to eat from the earth, year round, with convenience thanks to our little friend...the freezer!

Buy in season. We always offer discounts for those buying in bulk or the aestheticly imperfects. And you don't have to know how to can. Tomatoes go right in ziplocks. Onions and peppers get cut up first. Some veggies keep longer, better, if blanched. A simple google search or convo with the grower, moi!,​​ will ensure your corn is still crunchy before next years crop is in. The silver lining? Get your kids involved, make some memories, teach them a life-long skill. Kids who are more involved with food preparation are more likely to eat the final product!

Almost anything you buy pre-packaged at the grocery store you can "pre-package" yourself from trusted ingredients. Once the kitchen is dirty its just as easy to make 10 of something than 2. ​​​​​​​​When I get my chickens home, I freeze some whole, I cut up the rest. (YouTube how to butcher a chicken). All the wings go into ziplocks with buffalo marinade. All the legs go in ziplocks with teriyaki sauce. All the thighs go in BBQ. The breasts get seperated from the little tender strips and those get breaded as chicken fingers. Some can go straight from the freezer to the slow cooker or oven. The carcasses get made into chicken stock and frozen in ziplocks as well.

In the winter​​ to make a soup, I take a bag of frozen onions, a bag of frozen bell peppers, frozen tomatoes, brown some sausage and add a bag of frozen stock to a big pot. Yeah, that's convenient. And hearty!

Enjoy! And check back with us for more tips, tricks and recipes for living a healthy life full of flavor!​
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First and foremost, all of our products are raised right here on our farm the way nature intended. No genetically modified anything, no CAFO's, no growth hormones. Just whole foods, sunshine, grass, dirt and the freedom to enjoy it. After all, we are what we eat!

​​When you buy meat from High Land Hills you are not just supporting local family farms, responsible meat production, or choosing clean healthy protein. You have a found a source for some of the most delicious gourmet meat around. 

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